Grit and Grace Studio

Oyster Shell Blessing Beads: Tea Revelry

$30.00 $60.00

Practice gratitude with the newest addition to our line of recycled oyster shell blessing beads, featuring our heirloom Indigo decoupage oyster shells. Their timeless, elegant aesthetic draws inspiration from the classic beauty of Delftware and delicate fine china. These handcrafted shells showcase delicate designs in rich shades of cobalt, indigo, and ivory offset with our trademark gilded rim. Each pendant is framed with timeless white wooden beads to remind you of all the pearls in your life. Display them in a sweetgrass basket, drape them on your mantle, or give a strand as welcome beads for new homeowners or as a newlywed gift.

Our Indigo Oyster Shell Blessing Beads are approximately 11” in length with a shell pendant that measures approximately 2" x 3.5". We have framed the decoupage oyster shell pendant by classic wooden beads as a sweet reminder of nature’s gifts and the beauty in simplicity. Visit the Grit & Grace Studio while you’re shopping in Charleston; we would love to