Winnefred Austin

Daily Bread Mealtime Table Blessings


Daily Bread is a mealtime prayer book for kids and the kids alive inside us. Coming to the table is a special way to gather. When we pray before meals, we invite the Lord into our space and true community builds. The table becomes a safe place to bring everything faced from the day and leave it there. At its beginning, Daily Bread introduces table time prayers with the Lord's Prayer from Matthew when Jesus teaches it to His disciples. Then, it explains step-by-step how to create your own mealtime prayers. The following sections organize 48 prayerfully written mealtime prayers by theme. Reading levels are appropriate for readers of most any age with the guidance of a loved one if needed.

Written and illustrated by Ashley Steiner Size: 6x6 inches Paperback perfect bound book with coated gloss cover 48 prayers, 64 interior pages.
Made in United States of America