Cocktail Insulated Freeze Shaker


Ever wanted a cocktail shaker that was also a citrus reamer that was also a cup that kept your drink chilled? Us too. The FREEZE™ Cocktail Shaker does it all! The stainless steel cap doubles as a measuring jigger, while the built-in strainer flips over to serve as a citrus reamer so you can juice right into your glass. The double-walled tumbler is filled with our active cooling gel so you can shake up your drink, keep it cold, and sip on the go.

Capacity: 20 oz. tumbler

Materials: Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone, and active cooling gel

Details: Includes tumbler with active cooling gel, measuring cap, and strainer/citrus reamer

Care: Hand wash

Directions: Stash your FREEZE™ Cocktail Shaker upside down in the freezer or fridge.