Christina Christi

Christina Christi - Puple Beads and Pearls Necklaces, Summer Necklaces


Three different boho summer necklaces with purple flowers, purple beads and freshwater pearls in different sizes and shapes. Combine them all together or wear them separetely as well. MATERIALS - Caoutchouc Beads. - Freshwater Pearls. - Stainless Steel Chain in Silver Color. - Metal Parts. - Adjustable Necklaces DIMENSIONS - Purple Flowers Necklace has length 40 cm (15.7'') - Purple Beads Necklace has length 45 cm (17.7'') - Single Pearl Necklace has length 49 cm (19.2'') - If you would like to have more or less cm to your necklaces, you can inform me with a message in your order. PROTECTION - Protect them from water, parfumes, hair and body lotion to keep them bright and shiny for years. * IN THIS LISTING THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT NECKLACES. IF YOU 'D LIKE THEM ALL, YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE ALL DIFFERENT STYLES.