Beauty By Earth

Self Tanner Mousse - Medium to Dark - 3.3oz


Want that sun-kissed glow without the damage? This self tanner mousse is the babe for you! It’s a quick-drying mousse that’s filled with natural ingredients. Just pump this lightweight mousse onto your tanner mitt and buff away. You’ll be amazed at your natural beach glow that appears 4-6 hours later! Simple, but powerful ingredients will leave your face & body tan and glowing. As always, no dyes, sulfates, or parabens. Just a nice, golden glow from plant-based ingredients.  ** Since this mousse goes on white and dries very quickly, we recommend it for those who have been around the self tanner block a few times. For beginners, we recommend our self tanner lotion.  PLEASE NOTE, this is our Medium to Dark Formula. It's best for those with darker skin tones. If you're rocking a fair to medium complexion, please try our Fair to Medium formula.